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At Ur Cab Service, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service for customers located in San Francisco Bay Area.  We understand that in an ever more competitive market and ever increasing financially testing times, reputation is paramount.   As such, we have no huge marketing or advertising budget and all of this is done at our personal expense.  Therefore, ‘word of mouth’ is critical to our ongoing success.  We have relied on it thus far and it has served us well and this is why our relationship with our customers is so important.

We love our customers and they love us…  Ok, we’ve got that out of the way, but if you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s some feedback from people on Yelp, who have used our service.  Some of these are customers who have used us once and some are customers who use us on a regular basis.  No matter how long or short the journey, everyone is treated the same…with Ur Cab service!

 Testimonials on

Usually, I carpool to work with my mother; but decided to come a little later this past Tuesday.  After looking here on Yelp, I was glad to find Ur Cab and a company right here in Foster City for that matter.  They even arrived a few minutes early and the driver was very courteous and professional.  This is definitely one of the cleanest cabs I had ridden in; it might have been a Prias judging how quiet it was or maybe a Town Car; in any case, after verbally imputing information into the GPS, I was at Mills-Peninsula in Burlingame in no time.  For $33.00, I could not beat it.  So, for clean cabs, a smooth ride, and friendly professional on time service, Ur Cab cannot be beat.  Keep up the good work guys.!

 Brian S.

I had to make some last minute changes and was extremely worried about making my flight on time. I called Ur Cab and although the dispatcher was a bit awkward, the driver was very courteous and mindful of my timely situation. He arrived a few minutes early and had me at my flight on time. Driver 007, Anthony, is definitely somebody I refer from this company. He was early and I really appreciated how helpful and understanding he was in getting me there on time instead of acting as if my last minute changes were my problem alone.

 Latrice R.

Great company. Super quick to pick you up, easy to deal with and very nice clean cars. I highly recommend. Very dependable.

 Brooke T